What is ADHD Therapy?

ADHD therapy focuses on addressing the impact ADHD can have on who you are and how you think about yourself.

Without a comprehensive understanding of ADHD and how it can impact your whole life, therapy can be ineffective, frustrating, and even damaging. Because we know the pain that comes with these feelings, we offer specialized, trauma-informed therapy for those with ADHD.


EMDR is a specific therapy that leverages the brain’s ability to heal by creating opportunities to process painful and traumatic memories in a way that helps you gain new perspective, insight, understanding, and positive beliefs about yourself and what you’ve been through.

EMDR is the only therapy proven to create new and adaptive neural-networks in the mind, allowing real, lasting change and healing to happen quickly and effectively.

EMDR for ADHD can help those with ADHD who have been through traumatic experiences not only process and work through them, but also come out the other side with reduced or eliminated symptoms, significantly increased resilience and accurate self-perception.

Our licensed therapist, Noelle Lynn, is currently pioneering the use of EMDR to improve ADHD symptoms. This is done by processing the negative beliefs and experiences those with ADHD have about themselves so the brain is no longer stuck in unpleasant memories and beliefs.

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Other Therapies

While we find EMDR to be very effective for those with ADHD, our therapist is also well-versed in the following therapies and will use what best meets the needs of each client.

  • CBT

  • DBT

  • Solution-focused

  • Narrative

Is ADHD therapy right for you?

Research has consistently found those with ADHD are more likely to experience some form of notable trauma in their lives. If you’ve suffered from any form of abuse as a child, extreme bullying, being singled out by a teacher or experiences of coercion, ADHD therapy can be extremely beneficial in processing and healing from:

  • Painful memories
  • Family challenges
  • Addictive tendencies
  • Relationship issues
  • Problems at work, school or home

What to expect

The therapy process begins with scheduling a free 15-minute call with our ADHD therapist to see if therapy is right for you. If it is, our therapist will schedule sessions with you based on your specific needs and diagnosis.

The basics:

  • Sessions usually take place on a weekly basis
  • All sessions are virtual
  • Rate starts at $135/hour (we do not accept insurance)
  • We use evidence-based practices, and our goal is to see you experience significant, trackable improvements within several months