ADHD Coach, Parent Coach

Becky focuses on each clients’ exceptional strengths and guides them in using those strengths to reach their goals. Her personal and professional experiences with ADHD provide insight as she helps clients navigate the social, emotional and academic challenges that non-typical learners and their families face.

Because ADHD often goes hand-in-hand with other coexisting conditions, Becky’s special education background is invaluable when working with clients who also struggle with reading and language learning disabilities, processing disorders, anxiety, sensory issues, OCD and autism spectrum disorders.

Becky is a graduate of JST Coaching and Training, with an emphasis on coaching teens and college students with ADHD. She is a Certified ADHD Coach and a member of the national ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO).

Becky is a SAFE ZONE trainee/member offering a supportive and affirming environment for all individuals.


  • High School, College Students
  • Adults
  • Parents