5 Ways ADHD Affects Romantic Relationships & What to Do about It

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that can have significant impacts on a person’s daily life. While it is often associated with difficulties in school or work, it can also have substantial effects on romantic relationships. Relationships can be difficult for anyone, but when one partner has ADHD, it can

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5 Perfectly Awful Ways to Motivate an ADHD Brain

Many adults with ADHD have to hijack the emotional part of the brain to get started, especially on a task they find tedious, uninteresting, or routine. Many of us with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) have less reliable access to our prefrontal cortex (PFC) than do neurotypical people. Life’s details are managed in the

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Face It — People with ADHD Are Wired Differently

The more we “see” the ADHD brain with neuroimaging, the more we understand how it works. Read this in-depth breakdown to learn about the latest discoveries and the most current research on the ADHD brain. On a hot summer day in my new office, my client and I were shivering cold. “The air conditioning is

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32 Ways To Live Your Best Life: ADHD Tips for 2020

Figuring out how to live your best life with ADHD was already complicated before quarantine began. We’ve pulled together our favorite tips from experts and readers to help adults and caregivers meet challenges head-on. Read about how to simplify grocery shopping, cut down family stress, manage relationships, and more advice to help you survive and

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The Frustration Factor: Tackling To-Do Lists With Tranquility

Q: “I am good at writing a to-do list, but when I make a mistake or get confused about completing an item — hitting traffic when taking clothes to the cleaners or not finding the report I was supposed to finish — I get frustrated. How can I avoid being frustrated so easily?” A: Making

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ADHD Catastrophizing in Times of Crisis: What To Do When Fear Spirals

In times of crisis, your ADHD brain catastrophizes — jumping to the worst-case scenario, which is paralyzing at best. Here, learn strategies for reorienting and recalibrating your ADHD brain on a daily basis to release the anxiety and move forward with your health intact. Each day you wake up to a different world during this

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Silence Your Harshest Critic — Yourself

No matter what we accomplish, adults with ADHD are still plagued by self-criticism — which can hold us back and bury us in a mountain of shame. Start being nicer to yourself today, using these strategies from an ADHD coach. Like many high-achieving professionals with ADHD, you are using shame to motivate and manage yourself.

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Time on Your Side

Tired of wasting time? This new ADHD-friendly tool – called the Solve-it Grid – will help you get more done every day without feeling drained or guilty. Adults with ADHD have a peculiar relationship with time, often investing it frivolously or ineffectively. Many of us feel anxiety, guilt, or self-loathing when we think about how

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