The ADHD Brain, Practical Ways to Manage ADHD, and Why Those with ADHD Are Not Second Class Christians

In today's interview, Tamara discusses the inextricable link between ADHD and addiction, why you must slow down and become emotionally aware before you begin the healing process, and insight into how someone with ADHD experiences Church (absolutely fascinating). She also provides practical steps that you can take if you think you might have ADHD

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How Emotions Sabotage Motivation

“I am just not motivated. Maybe my meds need to be adjusted.” “I do many things every day but not the ones I know I need to do”. “Why can’t I get going on school work/that big project/my taxes?” Motivation, energy to get started and then actually starting, is a BIG issue in ADHD.

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Proudly ADHD – Your Brain’s Not Broken

In this episode I speak with Tamara Rosier, Ph.D. about her new book, Your Brain’s Not Broken: Strategies for Navigating Your Emotions and Life with ADHD. In Your Brain’s Not Broken, Tamara Rosier, Ph.D., founder of the ADHD Center in West Michigan, shares how those with ADHD can create new thinking habits, identify unhelpful

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Strategies for Navigating Your Emotions and ADHD Life

I’ve wanted to talk about navigating ADHD emotions for a while now, but like many other great topics it has sat untouched on my list, waiting for the perfect guest. When I read the incredible book ‘Your Brain is Not Broken: Strategies for Navigating Your Emotions and Life with ADHD’ by Dr. Tamara Rosier,

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Your Brain’s Not Broken

In this episode Tamara and I talk about her new book, “Your Brain’s not Broken”. We discuss managing the basic things in life, the interplay of anxiety and imagination, convergent vs divergent thinking, ADHD as an at-risk population, and ways to manage our emotions. Listen Here

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ADHD Mindset Optimization for Entrepreneurs

Do you get distracted easily? Do you procrastinate when you have to do really boring tasks? Have you looked into whether you have ADHD? Listen for advice on how entrepreneurs can effectively manage their ADHD and have success in business and life. Listen Here

2021-10-21T14:53:53+00:00September 17th, 2021|

Managing Emotions with Adult ADHD

Emotions can feel more intense with ADHD and get in the way of everyday life, and these big emotions can drain your feelings of confidence and competence. Co-host Lynne Edris and Dr. Tamara Rosier discuss challenges in emotional regulation with adult ADHD, and strategies to help you manage and keep from going down the

2021-10-21T14:53:57+00:00September 8th, 2021|

Managing your Energy with Adult ADHD

Co-host Lynne Edris is joined by Tamara Rosier to discuss managing your energy with adult ADHD / ADD. They discuss different kinds of energy, the “Icicle Effect” of wasted energy, and strategies to you make the most of your energy so that you have it when you need it. Listen Here

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