Are you ready to get organized?

It’s time to address those shame-evoking stacks of paper and piles of stuff. Virtual organizing allows you to work with an ADHD coach over Zoom, who specializes in understanding your ADHD and organizational challenges.

You do the physical work, while being supported by a coach who will help you find solutions that are sustainable.

Getting organized feels good!

How does it work?

Using your phone, computer or tablet you will work with Beth Huegli to declutter and organize your spaces and systems. The amount of time and number of sessions needed depends on the size and scope of the project and the amount of do-it-yourself organizing you undertake in between sessions.

In between sessions, you may choose to receive email support and homework to complete on your own, to further your success. Beth will also provide organizing product recommendations if requested.

Sessions can be scheduled as often as needed based on your time frame and goals.

“Beth helped me reorganize my kitchen via a virtual session. She helped me identify what wasn’t working with my old setup and we troubleshooted to implement a new system that meets my unique needs. Since then, I’ve been able to maintain the new system without it feeling overwhelming or like an insurmountable chore. I’m even willing to do more cooking in my kitchen now because it’s easier for me to grab what I need and put everything away when I’m done!”  

-Aleece, client

Meet Beth Huegli

As an organizing coach, Beth will provide a non-judgmental and supportive session to keep you on task and achieve your personal goals. As someone who has experienced the struggle firsthand, Beth understands the frustration and shame that comes with trying to maintain a perfectly organized space. Creating a beautifully organized space is one thing, but creating a system that works for your brain for the long term is the key to maintaining it.

Beth’s goal is to help her clients find personalized solutions that work for them by being creative and thinking outside of the box for solutions. In addition, she will not only create something that works for you but also you will know how to attack future challenges as they come your way.

“I have always been highly organized, which led me to believe that I couldn’t possibly have ADHD.  Well surprise, you can be organized and have ADHD. What I didn’t realize was that although I loved the initial thrill of cleaning, sorting and reorganizing, I struggled with maintaining my perfectly planned spaces.”  

-Beth Huegli, organization coach