Educational Therapist

Heather is deeply committed to supporting all kinds of learners as they develop the tools they need to thrive. Her aspiration to understand the neuroscience of learning emerged in 2002 when her son was diagnosed with a learning disability. At home, her son was a curious problem solver, yet at school, he froze, unable to perform alongside his neurotypical peers. Anxiety and disappointment led Heather to connect with parents and professionals from across the globe to learn about effective programs and services. When school professionals resisted implementing research practices, she dug in. She fiercely advocated for informed teaching, and these frustrating years launched a desire to uncover and implement brain-based learning practices for all students.

Heather worked in a Special Education classroom for twelve years and holds an undergraduate degree in Child Development with an emphasis in Special Education Teaching and an M.Ed. in Learning Cognition and Development from Rutgers University. Through working with students in schools and as a Cognitive Skills Specialist, she became adept at identifying barriers to learning. Heather is passionate about advocating for families navigating the IEP process. She is a certified Dyslexia Specialist, an Orton-Gillingham trained educator, and an Anti Boring Approach to Powerful Studying coach.

In her freetime, Heather can be found either cuddled up with a piece of fascinating research or spending time with her family sailing, kayaking or exploring local California Central Coast hiking trails.