What is Medication Education?

Medication coaching can help you learn more about specific medications and how one might be a better place to start than another. How to know if a medication is a good fit, what side effects to watch for, how long to try a medication before trying a different one. 

The coach will work with you and cater to your specific questions or medication experiences to help you find the right fit for you, whatever that might be. The main goal is that you understand what ADHD medication is supposed to do for you as a tool in your tool kit. 

We can’t prescribe medication for you at the ADHD center, but we can equip you to go to your provider and advocate for yourself and your goals.

Do you find yourself thinking…

I need help finding the right ADHD medication for me.

I am taking medication but I don’t feel like it’s working.

My medication works great but the side effects are miserable!

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Meet our Medication Education Coach

Kaleigh is a registered nurse who helps her clients determine which ADHD symptoms to address, find the best medication to their needs, and then assesses if her clients are meeting their desired targets.

Before coming to the ADHD Center, Kaleigh worked as an ADHD Care Manager at a physician’s office doing much of the same work. She taught children of all ages and their parents about the medication prescribed, helping them manage ADHD, anxiety, and depression symptoms. She has experience working with adult and pediatric populations since graduating from Davenport University.

Watching a client finally feel the full benefits of the right medication is one of my favorite parts of my job!

-Kaleigh, Medication Education Coach

How does Medication Education work?


  1. Quantifying Your ADHD 
    • QbTest is a great way to quantify your ADHD symptoms. You can choose to one test to understand your current symptoms or take a pre and post test to measure the effect your medication has on your symptoms.
  2. Medication Education
    • Have you just been diagnosed with ADHD and are ready to learn what your next steps are and if medication could be one of them? Or maybe you’ve been diagnosed for awhile but are wondering if now is the time to try medication? This is the perfect session to ask all the questions and have all your concerns heard.
  3. Medication Consult
    • A consult will help you understand your goals for taking medication, how and why it might not be working the best and have specific ideas of what to ask for the next time you see your doctor.